John 2:23

In Jerusalem (en toi Ierosolumoi). The form Ierosoluma as in Matthew 2:13 always in this Gospel and in Mark, and usually in Matthew, though Ierousalhm only in Revelation, and both forms by Luke and Paul. During the feast (en th eorth). The feast of unleavened bread followed for seven days right after the passover (one day strictly), though to pasca is used either for the passover meal or for the whole eight days. Believed on his name (episteusan ei to onoma autou). See on 1:12| for this phrase. Only one has to watch for the real import of pisteuw. Beholding his signs (qewrounte autou ta shmeia). Present active participle (causal use) of qewrew. Which he did (a epoiei). "Which he was doing" (imperfect tense). He did his first sign in Cana, but now he was doing many in Jerusalem. Already Jesus had become the cynosure of all eyes in Jerusalem at this first visit in his ministry.