John 2:25

And because he needed not (kai oti creian eicen). Imperfect active, "and because he did not have need." That any one should bear witness concerning man (ina ti marturhsh peri tou anqrwpou). Non-final use of ina with first aorist active subjunctive of marturew and the generic article (peri tou anqrwpou) concerning mankind as in the next clause also. For he himself knew (auto gar eginwsken). Imperfect active, "for he himself kept on knowing" as he did from the start. What was in man (ti hn en twi anqrwpwi). Indirect question with estin of the direct changed to the imperfect hn, a rare idiom in the Koin. This supernatural knowledge of man is a mark of deity. Some men of genius can read men better than others, but not in the sense meant here.

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