John 20:2

Runneth (trecei). Vivid dramatic present indicative of trecw. John deals only with Mary Magdalene. She left the tomb at once before the rest and without seeing the angels as told in the Synoptics ( Mark 16:2-8 ; Matthew 28:5-8 ; Luke 24:1-8 ). Luke ( Luke 24:9-12 ) does not distinguish between the separate report of Mary Magdalene and that of the other women. To Simon Peter (pro Simwna Petron). Full name as usual in John and back with John and the other disciples. The association of Peter and the other disciple in John 18:1-21:25 is like that between Peter and John in Acts 1:1-5:42 . Loved (epilei). Imperfect of pilew for which see 5:20 ; 11:3 and for distinction from agapaw see 11:5 ; 13:23 ; Jo 21:7 Jo 21:15 Jo 21:17 . They have taken away (hran). First aorist active indicative of airw, indefinite plural. We know not (ouk oidamen). Mary associates the other women with her in her ignorance. For eqhkan (have laid) see 19:42 . Mary fears a grave robbery. She has no idea of the resurrection of Jesus.