John 21:25

If they should be written every one (ean graphtai kaq en). Condition of the third class with ean and present passive subjunctive of grapw, "If they should be written one by one" (in full detail). I suppose (oimai). Note change back to the first person singular by the author. Would not contain (oud auton ton kosmon cwrhsein). Future active infinitive in indirect discourse after oimai. This is, of course, natural hyperbole, but graphically pictures for us the vastness of the work and words of Jesus from which the author has made a small selection ( Hebrews 20:30 ) and by which he has produced what is, all things considered, the greatest of all the books produced by man, the eternal gospel from the eagle who soars to the very heavens and gives us a glimpse of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.