John 3:20

That doeth ill (o paula prasswn). The word paulo means first worthless and then wicked (usually so in N.T.) and both senses occur in the papyri. In John 5:29 see contrast between agaqa poiew (doing good things) and paula prassw (practising evil things). Hateth the light (misei to pw). Hence talks against it, ridicules Christ, Christianity, churches, preachers, etc. Does it in talk, magazines, books, in a supercilious tone of sheer ignorance. Cometh not to the light (ouk ercetai pro to pw). The light hurts his eyes, reveals his own wickedness, makes him thoroughly uncomfortable. Hence he does not read the Bible, he does not come to church, he does not pray. He goes on in deeper darkness. Lest his works should be reproved (ina mh elegcqh ta erga autou). Negative final clause (ina mh) with first aorist passive subjunctive of elegcw, old word to correct a fault, to reprove, to convict. See also John 8:46 ; John 16:8 . To escape this unpleasant process the evil man cuts out Christ.

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