John 3:22

After these things (meta tauta). Transition after the interview with Nicodemus. For the phrase see 1 John 5:1 ; 1 John 6:1 ; 1 John 7:1 . Into the land of Judea (ei thn Ioudaian ghn). Into the country districts outside of Jerusalem. The only example of this phrase in the N.T., but "the region of Judea" (h Ioudaia cwra) in Mark 1:5 . He tarried (dietriben). Descriptive imperfect active of diatribw, old verb to rub between or hard, to spend time ( Acts 14:3 ). Baptized (ebaptizen). Imperfect active of baptizw. "He was baptizing." The six disciples were with him and in Acts 4:2 John explains that Jesus did the baptizing through the disciples.

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