John 3:26

Rabbi (Rabbei). Greeting John just like Jesus ( Mark 1:38 ; Mark 3:2 ). Beyond Jordan (peran tou Iordanou). Evident reference to John's witness to Jesus told in Mark 1:29-34 . To whom thou hast borne witness (wi su memarturhka). Note avoidance of calling the name of Jesus. Perfect active indicative of marturew so common in John ( Mark 1:7 , etc.). These disciples of John are clearly jealous of Jesus as a rival of John and they distinctly blame John for his endorsement of one who is already eclipsing him in popularity. The same baptizeth (outo baptizei). "This one is baptizing." Not personally ( Mark 4:2 ), as John did, but through his six disciples. And all men come to him (kai pante ercontai pro auton). Linear present middle indicative, "are coming." The sight of the growing crowds with Jesus and the dwindling crowds with John stirred John's followers to keenest jealousy. What a life-like picture of ministerial jealousy in all ages.

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