John 3:29

The bridegroom (numpio). Predicate nominative without article. Both numph (bride) and numpio are old and common words. Jesus will use this metaphor of himself as the Bridegroom ( Mark 2:19 ) and Paul develops it ( 2 Corinthians 11:2 ; Ephesians 5:23-32 ) and so in Revelation (Jo 19:7; Jo 21:2). John is only like the paranymph (paranumpio) or "the friend of the bridegroom." His office is to bring groom and bride together. So he stands expectant (esthkw, second perfect active participle of isthmi) and listens (akouwn, present active participle of akouw) with joy (rejoiceth greatly, carai cairei, "with joy rejoices") to the music of the bridegroom's voice. This my joy therefore is fulfilled (auth oun h cara peplhrwtai). Perfect passive indicative of plhrow, stands filled like a cup to the brim with joy.

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