John 3:31

Is above all (epanw pantwn). Ablative case with the compound preposition epanw. See the same idea in Romans 9:5 . Here we have the comments of Evangelist (John) concerning the last words of John in verse Romans 30 which place Jesus above himself. He is above all men, not alone above the Baptist. Bernard follows those who treat verses Romans 31-36 as dislocated and put them after verse Romans 21 (the interview with Nicodemus), but they suit better here. Of the earth (ek th gh). John is fond of this use of ek for origin and source of character as in Romans 1:46 ; 1 John 4:5 . Jesus is the one that comes out of heaven (o ek tou ouranou ercomeno) as he has shown in 1 John 1:1-18 . Hence he is "above all."

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