John 4:21

Believe me (pisteue moi). Correct text. Present active imperative. Unique phrase in place of the common amhn amhn (verily, verily). The hour cometh (ercetai wra). "There is coming an hour." The same idiom occurs also in John John 4:34 ; John 5:25 John 5:28 ; John 16:2 John 16:25 John 16:32 . Neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem (oute en twi orei toutwi oute en Ierosolumoi). The worship of God will be emancipated from bondage to place. Both Jews and Samaritans are wrong as to the "necessity" (dei). "These ancient rivalries will disappear when the spirituality of true religion is fully realized." Jesus told this sinful woman one of his greatest truths.

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