John 4:25

Messiah cometh (Messia ercetai). Hebrew word in N.T. only here and 1 John 1:41 and explained by Cristo in both places. The Samaritans looked for a Messiah, a prophet like Moses ( Deuteronomy 18:18 ). Simon Magus gave himself out in Samaria as some great one and had a large following ( Acts 8:9 ). Pilate quelled an uprising in Samaria over a fanatical Messianic claimant (Josephus, Ant. XVIII. iv. 1). When he is come (otan elqh ekeino). "Whenever that one comes." Indefinite temporal clause with otan (ote, an) and the second aorist active subjunctive. Wistfully she turns to this dim hope as a bare possibility about this strange "prophet." He will declare unto us all things (anaggelei hmin apanta). Future active indicative of anaggellw, old and common verb to announce fully (ana, up and down). See also Acts 16:13 . Perhaps here is light on the knowledge of her life by Jesus as well as about the way to worship God.

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