John 4:3

Left Judea (aphken thn Ioudaian). Unusual use of apihmi. First (Kappa) aorist active indicative. Originally the word means to send away, to dismiss, to forsake, to forgive, to allow. Jesus uses it in this sense in Matthew 16:28 . Evidently because Jesus did not wish to bring the coming conflict with the Pharisees to an issue yet. So he mainly avoids Jerusalem and Judea now till the end. Each time hereafter that Jesus appears in Jerusalem and Judea before the last visit there is an open breach with the Pharisees who attack him ( John 5:1-47 ; John 7:14-10:21 ; John 10:22-42 ; John 11:17-53 ). Again into Galilee (palin ei thn Galilaian). Reference to John 2:1-12 . The Synoptics tell nothing of this early work in Perea ( John 1:19-51 ), Galilee, or Judea ( John 2:13-4:2 ). John supplements their records purposely.

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