John 4:52

Inquired (epuqeto). Second aorist middle indicative of punqanomai. Began to mend (kompsoteron escen). Second aorist ingressive active indicative of ecw (took a turn, got better) and comparative of adverb kompsw. Arrian (_Epictetus iii. 10.13) has kompsw ecei from a physician, "Thou hast it fine," "Thou art doing finely." The papyri give several similar examples. Kompsw (neat) is from komew, to take care of. At the seventh hour (wran ebdomhn). The accusative case without a preposition as in Revelation 3:3 , though we have peri wran enathn (about the ninth hour) in Acts 10:3 . See the accusative also in Exodus 9:18 tauthn thn wran aurion (tomorrow about this hour). The accusative has the notion of extension and can be thus loosely used. It can even mean here "during the seventh hour." In verse Exodus 53 the locative is more exact, "at that hour" (en ekeinh th wrai). The seventh hour would be (Roman time) seven P.M.

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