John 5:1

After these things (meta tauta). John is fond of this vague phrase ( Acts 3:22 ; Acts 6:1 ). He does not mean that this incident follows immediately. He is supplementing the Synoptic Gospels and does not attempt a full story of the work of Jesus. Some scholars needlessly put chapter 5 after chapter 6 because in chapter 6 Jesus is in Galilee as at the end of chapter 4. But surely it is not incongruous to think of Jesus making a visit to Jerusalem before the events in chapter 6 which undoubtedly come within a year of the end ( Acts 6:4 ). A feast of the Jews (eorth twn Ioudaiwn). Some manuscripts have the article (h) "the feast" which would naturally mean the passover. As a matter of fact there is no way of telling what feast it was which Jesus here attended. Even if it was not the passover, there may well be another passover not mentioned besides the three named by John ( Acts 2:13 Acts 2:23 ; Acts 6:4: 12:1 Acts 12:1 ). Went up (anebh). Second aorist active indicative of anabainw. It was up towards Jerusalem from every direction save from Hebron.