John 5:14

Findeth him (euriskei auton). Dramatic present as in Luke 1:45 , possibly after search as in Luke 9:35 . Sin no more (mhketi amartane). "No longer go on sinning." Present active imperative with mhketi, a clear implication that disease was due to personal sin as is so often the case. Jesus used the same words to the woman taken in adultery in the spurious passage ( John 8:11 ). He had suffered for 38 years. All sickness is not due to personal sin ( John 9:3 ), but much is and nature is a hard paymaster. Jesus is here living up to his name ( Matthew 1:21 ). Lest a worse thing befall thee (ina mh ceiron soi ti genhtai). Negative final clause with second aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai. Ceiron is comparative of kako, bad. Worse than the illness of 38 years, bad as that is. He will now be sinning against knowledge.

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