John 5:23

That all may honour the Son (ina pante timwsin ton uion). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive of timaw (may keep on honouring the Son). He that honoureth not the Son (o mh timwn ton uion). Articular present active participle of timaw with negative mh. Jesus claims here the same right to worship from men that the Father has. Dishonouring Jesus is dishonouring the Father who sent him ( Matthew 8:49 ; Matthew 12:26 ; Matthew 15:23 ; 1 John 2:23 ). See also Luke 10:16 . There is small comfort here for those who praise Jesus as teacher and yet deny his claims to worship. The Gospel of John carries this high place for Christ throughout, but so do the other Gospels (even Q, the Logia of Jesus) and the rest of the New Testament.