John 5:43

In my Father's name (en twi onomati tou patro mou). Seven times Jesus in John speaks of the "Name" of the Father ( John 5:43 ; John 10:25 ; John 12:28 ; John 17:6 John 17:11 John 17:12 John 17:26 ). See John 1:12 for use of onoma ( Luke 1:49 ). And ye receive me not (kai ou lambanete me). "And yet ye do not receive me," as in verse Jo 5:40, "the Gospel of the Rejection" (Jo 1:11; Jo 3:11; Jo 3:32; Jo 12:37) often applied to the Fourth Gospel. If another come (ean allo elqh). Condition of third class (ean and second aorist active subjunctive of ercomai). Note allo, not etero, like allon Ihsoun in 2 Corinthians 11:4 . Similar prophecies occur in Mark 13:6 Mark 13:22 ( Matthew 24:5 Matthew 24:24 ), all general in character like Antichrist in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 . There is no occasion for a reference to any individual like Barcochba (about A.D. 134) as Pfleiderer and Schmiedel hold. These Messianic upstarts all come "in their own name" and always find a following. Him ye will receive (ekeinon lhmpsesqe). "That one," whoever he is, as Jesus said. Future active indicative of lambanw. Credulous about the false Messiahs, incredulous about Christ.