John 5:45

Think not (mh dokeite). Prohibition with mh and the present imperative. See on verse 1 Timothy 39 for dokew for mistaken opinions in John. I will accuse you (egw kathgorhsw umwn). Emphasis on egw (I). Future active indicative of kathgorew (kata, against, agoreuw, to speak in the assembly agora, to bring an accusation in court, a public accusation). See Romans 3:9 for proaitiaomai for making previous charge and Luke 16:1 for diaballw, a secret malicious accusation, and Romans 8:33 for egkalew, for public charge, not necessarily before tribunal. Even Moses (Mwush). No "even" in the Greek. On whom ye have set your hope (ei on umei hlpikate). Perfect active indicative of elpizw, state of repose in Moses. Only example of elpizw in John. See 2 Corinthians 1:10 for use of ei with elpizw instead of the usual epi ( 1 Timothy 4:10 ).

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