John 5:7

When the water is troubled (otan taracqh to udwr). Indefinite temporal clause with otan and the first aorist passive subjunctive of tarassw, old verb to agitate ( Matthew 2:3 ). The popular belief was that, at each outflow of this intermittent spring, there was healing power in the water for the first one getting in. To put me into the pool (ina balh me ei thn kolumbhqran). Final use of ina and the second aorist active subjunctive of ballw, "that he throw me in" quickly before any one else. For this use of ballw see Mark 7:30 ; Luke 16:20 . But while I am coming (en wi de ercomai). Temporal use of the relative, "in which time" (cronwi or kairwi understood). Egw (I) is emphatic.

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