John 6:19

When therefore they had rowed (elhlakote oun). Perfect active participle of elaunw, old verb to march (Xenophon), to drive ( James 3:4 ), to row ( Mark 6:48 ). Furlongs (stadiou). Stadia, accusative of extent of space, a little over halfway across, "in the midst of the sea" ( Mark 6:47 ). It was about forty stadia (six miles) across. They behold (qewrousin). Graphic dramatic present active indicative of qewrew, vividly preserving the emotions of the disciples. Walking (peripatounta). Present active participle in the accusative case agreeing with Ihsoun. Drawing nigh unto the boat (eggu tou ploiou ginomenon). Present middle participle of ginomai describing the process. "Coming near the boat." They behold Jesus slipping closer and closer to them on the water. They were afraid (epobhqhsan). Ingressive aorist passive indicative of pobeomai, "they became afraid." Sudden change to the regular historical sequence.

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