John 6:39

That of all that which (ina pan o). Literally, "That all which" (see verse 37 for pan o), but there is a sharp anacoluthon with pan left as nominativus pendens. I should lose nothing (mh apolesw ex autou). Construed with ina, "that I shall not lose anything of it." Apolesw, from apollumi, can be either future active indicative or first aorist active subjunctive as is true also of anasthsw (from anisthmi), "I shall raise up." At the last day (th escath emerai). Locative case without en. Only in John, but four times here ( Jo 39 40 44 54 ) "with the majesty of a solemn refrain." In 7:37 it is the last day of the feast of tabernacles, but in 11:24 ; 12:48 of the day of judgment as here. Christ is the Agent of the general resurrection in 5:28 as in 1 Corinthians 15:22 while here only the resurrection of the righteous is mentioned.

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