John 6:64

That believe not (oi ou pisteuousin). Failure to believe kills the life in the words of Jesus. Knew from the beginning (hdei ex arch). In the N.T. we have ex arch only here and 16:4 , but ap arch in apparently the same sense as here in 15:27 ; 1 John 2:7 1 John 2:24 ; 1 John 3:11 and see Luke 1:2 ; 1 John 1:1 . From the first Jesus distinguished between real trust in him and mere lip service ( 1 John 2:24 ; 1 John 8:31 ), two senses of pisteuw. Were (eisin). Present active indicative retained in indirect discourse. And who it was that should betray him (kai ti estin o paradwswn). Same use of estin and note article and future active participle of paradidwmi, to hand over, to betray. John does not say here that Jesus knew that Judas would betray him when he chose him as one of the twelve, least of all that he chose him for that purpose. What he does say is that Jesus was not taken by surprise and soon saw signs of treason in Judas. The same verb is used of John's arrest in Matthew 4:12 . Once Judas is termed traitor (prodoth) in Luke 6:16 . Judas had gifts and was given his opportunity. He did not have to betray Jesus.