John 6:66

Upon this (ek toutou). Same idiom in Luke 19:12 . "Out of this saying or circumstance." Jesus drew the line of cleavage between the true and the false believers. Went back (aphlqon ei ta opisw). Aorist (ingressive) active indicative of apercomai with ei ta opisw, "to the rear" (the behind things) as in Luke 18:6 . Walked no more with him (ouketi met autou periepatoun). Imperfect active of peripatew. The crisis had come. These half-hearted seekers after the loaves and fishes and political power turned abruptly from Jesus, walked out of the synagogue with a deal of bluster and were walking with Jesus no more. Jesus had completely disillusioned these hungry camp-followers who did not care for spiritual manna that consisted in intimate appropriation of the life of Jesus as God's Son.

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