John 6:69

We have believed (hmei pepisteukamen). Perfect active indicative of pisteuw, "We have come to believe and still believe" (verse Luke 29 ). And know (kai egnwkamen). Same tense of ginwskw, "We have come to know and still know." Thou art the Holy One of God (su ei o agio tou qeou). Bernard follows those who believe that this is John's report of the same confession given by the Synoptics ( Mark 8:27 ; Matthew 16:13-20 ; Luke 9:18 ), an utterly unjustifiable conclusion. The details are wholly different. Here in the synagogue in Capernaum, there on Mt. Hermon near Caesarea Philippi. What earthly difficulty is there in supposing that Peter could make a noble confession twice? That is to my mind a wooden conception of the apostles in their growing apprehension of Christ.

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