John 6:2

Followed (hkolouqei). Descriptive imperfect active, picturing the crowd, but without the details of the boat for Christ and the rapid race of the crowd on foot ( Mark 6:32 ; Matthew 14:13 ). They beheld (eqewroun). Imperfect active of qewrew. They had been beholding the signs which Jesus had been doing (epoiei, imperfect again) for a long time ( Matthew 2:23 ), most of which John has not given ( Mark 1:29 ; Mark 2:1 ; Mark 3:1 ; Mark 6:5 ). The people were eager to hear Jesus again ( Luke 9:11 ) and to get the benefit of his healing power "on them that were sick" (epi twn asqenountwn, the weak or feeble, without strength, a privative and sqeno, strength).