John 6:1

After these things (meta tauta). A common, but indefinite, note of time in John ( Luke 3:22 ; Luke 5:1 ; Luke 6:1 ; Luke 7:1 ). The phrase does not mean immediate sequence of events. As a matter of fact, a whole year may intervene between the events of chapter 5 in Jerusalem and those in chapter 6 in Galilee. There is no sufficient reason for believing that chapter 6 originally preceded chapter 5. The feeding of the five thousand is the only event before the last visit to Jerusalem recorded in all Four Gospels ( Mark 6:30-44 ; Matthew 14:13-21 ; Luke 9:10-17 ; John 6:1-13 ). The disciples have returned from the tour of Galilee and report to Jesus. It was the passover time ( John 6:4 ) just a year before the end. To the other side of the Sea of Galilee (peran th qalassh th Galilaia). The name given in Mark and Matthew. It is called Gennesaret in Luke 5:1 and "Sea of Tiberias" in John 21:1 . Here "of Tiberias" (th Tiberiado) is added as further description. Herod Antipas A.D. 22 built Tiberias to the west of the Sea of Galilee and made it his capital. See verse John 23 for this city. Luke ( Luke 9:10 ) explains that it was the eastern Bethsaida (Julias) to which Jesus took the disciples, not the western Bethsaida of Mark 6:45 in Galilee.

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