John 7:1

After these things (meta tauta). John's favourite general note of the order of events. Bernard conceives that the events in Jeremiah 7:1-14 follow Jeremiah 7:15-24 and both follow chapter 5, not chapter 6, a wholly needless readjustment of the narrative to suit a preconceived theory. John simply supplements the narrative in the Synoptics at points deemed important. He now skips the period of withdrawal from Galilee of about six months (from passover to tabernacles). Walked (periepatei). Imperfect active, a literal picture of the itinerant ministry of Jesus. He has returned to Galilee from the region of Caesarea Philippi. He had been avoiding Galilee as well as Judea for six months. For he would not walk in Judea (ou gar hqelen en th Ioudaiai). Imperfect active of qelw picturing the attitude of refusal to work in Judea after the events in chapter 5 (perhaps a year and a half before). Sought to kill (ezhtoun apokteinai). Imperfect active again, progressive attitude, had been seeking to kill him as shown in Jeremiah 5:18 where the same words occur.

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