John 7:16

Mine (emh). Possessive pronoun, "not mine in origin." Jesus denies that he is self-taught, though not a schoolman. But his that sent me (alla tou pempsanto me). Genitive case of the articular participle (first aorist active of pempw). His teaching is not self-originated nor is it the product of the schools (see the Talmud in contrast with the New Testament). Jesus often in John uses this idiom of "the one who sent me" of the Father ( Acts 4:34 ; Acts 5:23 Acts 5:24 Acts 5:30 Acts 5:37 ; Acts 6:38-40 Acts 6:44 ; Acts 7:16 Acts 7:18 Acts 7:28 , etc.). The bold claim is here made by Jesus that his teaching is superior in character and source to that of the rabbis.

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