John 7:23

That the law of Moses may not be broken (ina mh luqh o nomo Mwusew). Purpose clause with negative mh and first aorist passive subjunctive of luw. They are punctilious about their Sabbath rules and about circumcision on the eighth day. When they clash, they drop the Sabbath rule and circumcise. Are ye wroth with me? (emoi colate;). Old word from colh (bile, gall), possibly from cloh or clwro (yellowish green). Only here in N.T. So to be mad. With dative. Vivid picture of bitter spleen against Jesus for healing a man on the sabbath when they circumcise on the Sabbath. A man every whit whole (olon anqrwpon ugih). Literally, "a whole (olon) man (all the man) sound (ugih, well)," not just one member of the body mended.

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