John 7:25

Some therefore of them of Jerusalem (oun tine ek twn Ierosolumeitwn). The people of the city in contrast to the multitude of pilgrims at the feast. They form a separate group. The word is made from Ierosoluma and occurs in Josephus and IV Maccabees. In N.T. only here and Mark 1:5 . These Jerusalem people knew better than the pilgrims the designs of the rulers (Vincent). Is not this? (ouc outo estin;). Expecting affirmative answer. Clearly they were not as familiar with the appearance of Jesus as the Galilean multitude (Dods). They seek (zhtousin). The plural refers to the group of leaders already present ( Mark 7:15 ) to whom the Jerusalem crowd probably pointed. They knew of their threats to kill Jesus ( Mark 5:18 ).