John 7:37

Now on the last day (en de th escath hmerai). The eighth day which was "an holy convocation," kept as a Sabbath ( Leviticus 23:36 ), apparently observed as a memorial of the entrance into Canaan, hence "the great day of the feast" (th megalh th eorth). Stood and cried (isthkei kai ekrasen). Past perfect active of isthmi used as imperfect and intransitive and first aorist active of krazw. Picture Jesus standing (linear) and suddenly crying out (punctiliar). If any man thirst (ean ti dipsai). Third class condition with ean and present active subjunctive of dipsaw, "if any one is thirsty." On each of the seven preceding days water was drawn in a golden pitcher from the pool of Siloam and carried in procession to the temple and offered by the priests as the singers chanted Isaiah 12:3 : "With joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation." "It is uncertain whether the libations were made upon the eighth day. If they were not made, the significant cessation of the striking rite on this one day of the feast would give a still more fitting occasion for the words" (Westcott).

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