John 7:4

In secret (en kruptwi). See Matthew 6:4 Matthew 6:6 for this phrase. Openly (en parrhsiai). "In public" (pan, rhsi, telling it all). See on "Mt 8:32". Common in John ( Matthew 7:13 Matthew 7:26 ; Matthew 10:24 ; Matthew 16:25 Matthew 16:29 ; Matthew 18:20 ; here again contrasted with en kruptwi). It is wise advice in the abstract that a public teacher must allow inspection of his deeds, but the motive is evil. They might get Jesus into trouble. If qou doest qese qing (ei tauta poiei). This condition of the first class assumes the reality of the deeds of Jesus, but the use of the condition at all throws doubt on it all as in Matthew 4:3 Matthew 4:6 . Manifest thyself (panerwson seauton). First aorist active imperative of panerow. To the world (twi kosmwi). Not just to "thy disciples," but to the public at large as at the feast of tabernacles. See Matthew 8:26 ; Matthew 14:22 for this use of kosmo.