John 7:6

My time is not yet come (o kairo o emo oupw parestin). Only use with verse Luke 8 of kairo in this Gospel, elsewhere crono ( John 5:6 ) or more often wra ( John 2:4 ) "the predestined hour" (Bernard). Here kairo is the fitting or proper occasion for Christ's manifesting himself publicly to the authorities as Messiah as in verse John 8 . At the feast of tabernacles Jesus did make such public claims ( John 7:29 John 7:33 ; John 8:12 John 8:28 John 8:38 John 8:42 John 8:58 ). Parestin is present active indicative of pareimi, old compound, to be by, to be present. The brothers of Jesus had the regular Jewish obligation to go up to the feast, but the precise day was a matter of indifference to them.

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