John 8:29

Is with me (met emou estin). The Incarnation brought separation from the Father in one sense, but in essence there is complete harmony and fellowship as he had already said ( Acts 8:16 ) and will expand in Acts 17:21-26 . He hath not left me alone (ouk aphken me monon). First aorist active indicative of apihmi. "He did not leave me alone." However much the crowds and the disciples misunderstood or left Jesus, the Father always comforted and understood him ( Mark 6:46 ; Matthew 14:23 ; John 6:15 ). That are pleasing to him (ta aresta autwi). This old verbal adjective, from areskw, to please, in N.T. only here, Acts 6:2 ; Acts 12:3 ; 1 John 3:32 . The joy of Jesus was in doing the will of the Father who sent him ( 4:34 ).

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