John 8:54

If I glorify myself (ean egw doxasw emauton). Third-class condition with ean and first aorist active subjunctive (or future active indicative) of doxazw. It is my Father that glorifieth me (estin o pathr mou o doxazwn me). The position and accent of estin mean: "Actually my Father is the one," etc. Of whom ye say (on umei legete). The accusative of the person (on) with legete is regular (cf. Luke 10:36 ). Your God (qeo umwn). So Aleph B D and apparently correct, though A C L W Delta Theta have hmwn (our God). The oti can be taken as recitative (direct quotation, hmwn, our) or declarative (indirect, that, and so umwn). The Jews claimed God as their peculiar national God as they had said in Luke 41 . So Jesus turns this confession and claim against them.

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