John 8:56

Rejoiced (hgalliasato). First aorist middle indicative of agalliaomai, a word of Hellenistic coinage from agallomai, to rejoice. To see (ina idh). Sub-final use of ina and second aorist active subjunctive of oraw. This joy of Abraham is referred to in Hebrews 11:13 (saluting, aspasamenoi, the promises from afar). There was a Jewish tradition that Abraham saw the whole history of his descendants in the vision of Genesis 15:6 , but that is not necessary here. He did look for and welcome the Messianic time, "my day" (thn hmeran thn emhn). "He saw it, and was glad" (eiden kai ecarh). Second aorist active indicative of oraw and second aorist passive indicative of cairw. Ye see it and are angry!

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