John 9:16

Because he keepeth not the sabbath (oti to sabbaton ou threi). This is reason (causal oti) enough. He violates our rules about the Sabbath and therefore is a Sabbath-breaker as charged when here before ( Matthew 5:10 Matthew 5:16 Matthew 5:18 ). Hence he is not "from God" (para qeou). So some. How can a man that is a sinner do such signs? (Pw dunatai anqrwpo amartwlo toiauta shmeia poiein;). This was the argument of Nicodemus, himself a Pharisee and one of the Sanhedrin, long ago ( Matthew 3:2 ). It was a conundrum for the Pharisees. No wonder there was "a division" (scisma, schism, split, from scizw) as in Matthew 7:43 ; Matthew 10:19 .

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