John 9:22

Because they feared the Jews (oti epobounto tou Ioudaiou). Imperfect middle, a continuing fear and not without reason. See already the whispers about Jesus because of fear of the Jews ( Matthew 7:13 ). Had agreed already (hdh suneteqeinto). Past perfect middle of suntiqhmi, to put together, to form a compact ( Matthew 7:32 Matthew 7:47-49 ). If any man should confess him to be Christ (ean ti auton omologhsh Criston). Condition of third class with ean and first aorist active subjunctive of omologew and predicate accusative Criston. Jesus had made confession of himself before men the test of discipleship and denial the disproof ( Matthew 10:32 ; Luke 12:8 ). We know that many of the rulers nominally believed on Jesus (Jo 12:42) and yet "did not confess him because of the Pharisees" (alla dia tou Parisaiou ouc wmologoun), for the very reason given here, "that they might not be put out of the synagogue" (ina mh aposunagwgoi genwntai). Small wonder then that here the parents cowered a bit. That he should be put out of the synagogue (ina aposunagwgo genhtai). Sub-final use of ina with second aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai. Aposunagwgo (apo and sunagwgh) is found in N.T. only here and Jo 12:42; Jo 16:2. A purely Jewish word naturally. There were three kinds of excommunication (for thirty days, for thirty more, indefinitely).

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