John 9:34

Thou wast altogether born in sin (en amartiai su egennhqh olo). First aorist passive indicative of gennaw. "In sins thou wast begotten (or born) all of thee." Holo is predicate nominative and teaches total depravity in this case beyond controversy, the Pharisees being judges. And dost thou teach us? (kai su didaskei hma;). The audacity of it all. Note emphasis on su (thou). It was insufferable. He had not only taught the rabbis, but had utterly routed them in argument. And they cast him out (kai exebalon auton exw). Effective second aorist active indicative of ekballw intensified by the addition of exw. Probably not yet expulsion from the synagogue ( Acts 9:22 ) which required a formal meeting of the Sanhedrin, but certainly forcible driving of the gifted upstart from their presence. See Acts 6:37 for another use of ekballw exw besides Acts 9:35 .

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