John 9:39

For judgement (ei krima). The Father had sent the Son for this purpose ( Acts 3:17 ). This world (kosmo) is not the home of Jesus. The krima (judgement), a word nowhere else in John, is the result of the krisi (sifting) from krinw, to separate. The Father has turned over this process of sifting (krisi) to the Son ( Acts 5:22 ). He is engaged in that very work by this miracle. They which see not (oi mh bleponte). The spiritually blind as well as the physically blind ( Luke 4:18 ; Isaiah 42:18 ). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive blepwsin (may keep on seeing). This man now sees physically and spiritually. And that they which see may become blind (kai oi bleponte tuploi genwntai). Another part of God's purpose, seen in Matthew 11:25 ; Luke 10:21 , is the curse on those who blaspheme and reject the Son. Note ingressive aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai and predicate nominative. Hoi bleponte are those who profess to see like these Pharisees, but are really blind. Blind guides they were ( Matthew 23:16 ). Complacent satisfaction with their dim light.