John 9:4

We must work the works of him that sent me (hma dei ergazesqai ta erga tou pempsanto me). This is undoubtedly the correct text (supported by the Neutral and Western classes) and not eme (I) and me (me) of the Syrian class nor hma (we) and hma (us) of the Alexandrian class. Jesus associates us with him in the task committed to him by the Father. Bernard argues vigorously, but vainly, for eme me. We are not able to fathom the depth of the necessity (dei) here involved in each life as in this poor blind man and in each of us. While it is day (ew hmera estin). This clause gives the note of urgency upon us all. The night cometh (ercetai nux). "Night is coming on," and rapidly. Night was coming for Jesus ( Ezekiel 7:33 ) and for each of us. Cf. Ezekiel 11:9 ; Ezekiel 12:35 . Even electric lights do not turn night into day. Hew with the present indicative ( Ezekiel 21:22 ) means "while," not until as in Ezekiel 13:38 .

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