John 9:41

If ye were blind (ei tuploi hte). Condition of second class with imperfect indicative in the protasis. The old word tuplo is from tupw, to raise a smoke, to blind by smoke (literally and metaphorically). Here, of course, it is moral blindness. If the Pharisees were born morally blind, they would, like idiots, be without responsibility. Ye would not have sin (ouk an eicete amartian). Regular form for conclusion of second-class condition, an with imperfect. But now ye say (nun de legete). In contrast to the previous condition. See like contrast in Matthew 15:22 Matthew 15:24 . They arrogantly asserted superior knowledge. We see (blepomen). The ignorant mob do not ( Matthew 7:49 ). It is sin against light and is hopeless ( Mark 3:29 ; Matthew 12:31 ). "Ye are witnesses against yourselves" (martureite eautoi, Matthew 23:31 ).

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