Jude 1:1

Servant (doulo). Precisely as James ( James 1:1 ), only James added kuriou (Lord). Brother of James (adelpo Iakwbou). Thus Jude identifies himself. But not the "Judas of James" ( Luke 6:16 ; Acts 1:13 ). To them that are called (toi--klhtoi). But this translation (treating klhtoi as a substantive like Romans 1:6 ; 1 Corinthians 1:24 ) is by no means certain as two participles come in between toi and klhtoi. Klhtoi may be in the predicate position (being called), not attributive. But see 1 Peter 1:1 . Beloved in God the Father (en qewi patri hgaphmenoi). Perfect passive participle of agapaw, but no precise parallel to this use of en with agapaw. Kept for Jesus Christ (Ihsou Cristwi tethrhmenoi). Perfect passive participle again with dative, unless it is the instrumental, "kept by Jesus Christ," a quite possible interpretation.