Jude 1:15

To execute judgment (poihsai krisin). "To do justice." To convict (elegxai). First aorist (effective) active infinitive like poihsai before it. Ungodly (asebei). See verse Luke 4 and end of this verse. Of ungodliness (asebeia). Old word as in Romans 1:18 , plural in Jude 1:18 as in Romans 11:26 . Which (wn). Genitive by attraction from a (cognate accusative with hsebhsan, old verb, to act impiously, here alone in N.T. save some MSS. in 2 Peter 2:6 ) to agree with the antecedent ergwn (deeds). Hard things (sklhrwn). Harsh, rough things as in John 6:60 . Which (wn). Genitive by attraction from a (object of elalhsan, first aorist active indicative of lalew) to the case of the antecedent sklhrwn. Four times in this verse as a sort of refrain asebei (twice), asebeia, hsebhsan.