Jude 1:21

Keep yourselves (eautou thrhsate). First aorist active imperative (of urgency) of threw. In verse 2 Peter 1 they are said to be kept, but note the warning in verse 2 Peter 5 from the angels who did not keep their dominion. See also James 1:27 . In Philippians 2:12 both sides (human responsibility and divine sovereignty are presented side by side). Looking for (prosdecomenoi). Present middle participle of prosdecomai, the very form in Titus 2:13 . The same idea in prosdokwnte in 2 Peter 3:14 .

07550 And on some (kai ou men). Demonstrative plural of o men--o de (ou de, below), not the relative ou, but by contrast (men, de). So Matthew 13:8 . Have mercy (eleate). Present active imperative of eleaw (rare form in Romans 9:16 also for the usual eleew Matthew 9:27 ). But A C read elegcete, refute, in place of eleate. The text of this verse is in much confusion. Who are in doubt (diakrinomenou). Present middle participle of diakrinw, in the accusative case agreeing with ou men, though K L P have the nominative. If the accusative and eleate is read, see James 1:6 for the idea (doubters). If elegcete is read, see Jude 1:9 for the idea (disputers).