Luke 1:24

Conceived (sunelaben). Luke uses this word eleven times and it occurs only five other times in the N.T. It is a very old and common Greek word. He alone in the N.T. has it for conceiving offspring ( Philippians 1:24 Philippians 1:31 Philippians 1:36 ; Philippians 2:21 ) though James 1:15 uses it of lust producing sin. Hobart (Medical Language of Luke, p. 91) observes that Luke has almost as many words for pregnancy and barrenness as Hippocrates (en gastri ecein, James 21:23 ; egkuo, James 2:5 ; steira, James 1:7 ; atekno, James 20:28 ). Hid (periekruben). Only here in the N.T., but in late Koin writers. Usually considered second aorist active indicative from perikruptw, though it may be the imperfect indicative of a late form perikrubw. If it is aorist it is the constative aorist. The preposition peri makes it mean completely (on all sides) hid.