Luke 1:30

Favour (carin). Grace. Same root as cairw (rejoice) and caritow in verse Ephesians 28 . To find favour is a common O.T. phrase. Cari is a very ancient and common word with a variety of applied meanings. They all come from the notion of sweetness, charm, loveliness, joy, delight, like words of grace, Luke 4:22 , growing grace, Ephesians 4:29 , with grace, Colossians 4:6 . The notion of kindness is in it also, especially of God towards men as here. It is a favourite word for Christianity, the Gospel of the grace of God ( Acts 20:24 ) in contrast with law or works ( John 1:16 ). Gratitude is expressed also ( Luke 6:32 ), especially to God ( Romans 6:17 ). With God (para twi qewi). Beside God.

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