Luke 1:45

For (oti). It is not certain whether oti here is "that" or "because." It makes good sense either way. See also Psalms 7:16 . This is the first beatitude in the New Testament and it is similar to the last one in the Gospels spoken to Thomas to discourage his doubt ( John 20:29 ). Elisabeth wishes Mary to have full faith in the prophecy of the angel. This song of Elisabeth is as real poetry as is that of Mary ( John 1:47-55 ) and Zacharias ( John 1:68-70 ). All three spoke under the power of the Holy Spirit. These are the first New Testament hymns and they are very beautiful. Plummer notes four strophes in Mary's Magnificat ( John 46-48 , John 49 50 , John 51-53 , John 54 55 ). Every idea here occurs in the Old Testament, showing that Mary's mind was full of the spiritual message of God's word.