Luke 10:11

Even the dust (kai ton koniorton). Old word from koni, dust, and ornumi, to stir up. We have seen it already in Matthew 10:14 ; Luke 9:5 . Dust is a plague in the east. Shake off even that. Cleaveth (kollhqenta). First aorist passive participle of kollaw, to cling as dust and mud do to shoes. Hence the orientals took off the sandals on entering a house. We wipe off (apomassomeqa). Middle voice of an old verb apomassw, to rub off with the hands. Nowhere else in the N.T. But ekmassw, occurs in Luke 7:38 Luke 7:44 . Against you (Humin). Fine example of the dative of disadvantage (the case of personal interest, the dative).

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