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Luke 10:15

Shalt thou be exalted? (mh upswqhsh;). Mh expects the answer No. The verb is future passive indicative second singular of upsow, to lift up, a late verb from upso, height. It is used by Jesus of the Cross ( John 12:32 ). Unto Hades (ew Haidou). See on "Mt 16:18" for this word which is here in contrast to Heaven as in Isaiah 14:13-15 . Hades is not Gehenna. "The desolation of the whole neighbourhood, and the difficulty of identifying even the site of these flourishing towns, is part of the fulfilment of this prophecy" (Plummer). Ragg notes the omission of Nazareth from this list of cities of neglected privilege and opportunity. "Is it the tender memories of boyhood that keep from His lips the name of the arch-rejector ( Isaiah 4:28 sqq.) Nazareth?"

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